1. buy viagra com : April 08, 2017, 22:00

    handicap productions is funnier than family guy.

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  3. Katy : April 08, 2017, 22:00

    cool as fuck!

  4. Sandra : April 08, 2017, 22:00

    buy viagra com i find myself whistling this tune quite often.the vid must have taken ages.a quality vid for a quality tune!!!

  5. Matt : April 08, 2017, 22:00

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  6. POER : April 08, 2017, 22:00

    your harmonies are just...I'm speechless :D

  7. Gerbert : April 08, 2017, 22:00

    Go Filipinas!!! You rock! No doubt you gals will go far in the biz! Since you were already featured on TV Patrol, am sure they're dying to have you as talent in the Philippines!

  8. Armando : April 08, 2017, 22:00

    obvisously this is a orca which means killer whale.. don't you guys go to school? anyways I like killer whales more then sharks..