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    Amazing as always. Love the way your voices mesh.

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  3. Tomi : November 01, 2016, 09:21

    i like watching real attacks and slaughter because i like to know what is really happening and where my food comes from.

  4. Perov : November 01, 2016, 09:21

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  5. Ramzi : November 01, 2016, 09:21

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  6. Roberto : November 01, 2016, 09:21

    baadaass...awesome...(*sigh).. .another great one!

  7. Roberto : November 01, 2016, 09:21

    Orcas and great whites swim in completely different oceans Great whites in warm waters Australia, South Africa and Orcas in Arctic waters, there was no picture of them together just a story made from clips by a stupid American. Anyone who believes this crap is as gullable as hell

  8. Armando : November 01, 2016, 09:21

    Amazinn :D Can use Sing Just Dance by Lady Gaga ,,, i thinkk you's will sing it good :d xx