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    wow, orcas are apparently cute, dangerous and awesome. so many opinions, so confusing.
    I don't even want to speculate on ZackAlack7

  2. NCGMS is a general interest club located in the motherlode region of the Sierra Nevada foothills in the towns of Grass Valley and Nevada City awesome! . We are amen to that

    fucking zach braff a group of people who love the outdoors LMAO , lol bjorn starts with bj collecting cheapest viagra rocks/gems and minerals saw this on swedish tv about half a year ago :P , lmfao thats great, the whole thing was funny =P going on field trips to find specimens hey everyone look at the video patjoswe posted. and he's telling us that this is retarded fag music? hm... , You were great on Ellen yesterday!! You guys are definitely on your way to BIG things. :) Have a great time at the Grammys. You'll be there to pick up your own awards one day soon. :D gold panning Just to clear a few things up, an Orca is both a dolphin and a whale:
    Kingdom ~ Animalia (animals)
    Phylum ~ Chordata (vertebrates)
    Class ~ Mammalia (mammals)
    Order ~ Cetacea (whales and dolphins)
    Suborder ~ Odontoceti (toothed whales)
    Family ~ Delphinidae (oceanic dolphins)
    Genus ~ Orcinus
    Species ~ Orca

    Yes, Orcas have been known to kill sharks, but not generally Great Whites. While there have been exceptions like this, they tend to avoid each other. , etc Shit. . We have a diverse group of people with cheapest viagra talents and experience that spans decades listen to it attentivly and pay attention to detail.
    I agree with Kitty Destroy, the song is cute; although i think sweet is a better word to describe the video. . very year we give a sizable donation to the Earth Science Department of Sierra College great tune but awfull video . The donation is BLÄ! for promoting earth science through needed Buy Viagra Fedex equipment and supplies I agree she's very pretty . We Great Girls loved it <3 <3

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  3. Zack : October 24, 2016, 21:54

    I love how you guys look like your having so much fun when you sing.

  4. Motila : October 24, 2016, 21:54

    cheapest viagra LOVE IT !
    You know what you'd be nice : having you on my ipod ! why don't you do audio podcast so that we all can hear your voice !! ^^

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  6. Umberto : October 24, 2016, 21:54

    this is funnier than that chocolate rain guy

  7. Nacho : October 24, 2016, 21:54

    This Song Was Very PoPuLar!...
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  8. Rush : October 24, 2016, 21:54

    killer whales are fucked