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    love the matching attire =p . We I can't stop watching this You guys are amazing..I literally got goose bumps listening to you guys.. also have gem and mineral displays throughout the community cheap free price viagra hair extenstions? love them rox .

  3. Kalopov : May 09, 2017, 22:29

    GO SHAMU!!!!!

  4. Marly : May 09, 2017, 22:29

    cheap free price viagra the lady died lol

  5. Jinyak : May 09, 2017, 22:29

    Buy Viagra Fedex Rin on the Rox, you guys are gods. :]
    And Ne-Yo is a god too, So ahppy you did this.
    Cuz im so obsessed with Him and you guys. xD

  6. Marly : May 09, 2017, 22:29

    you girls are so gorgeous!!
    and have amazing voices. congratulations on ellen tv!

  7. Radia : May 09, 2017, 22:29

    I saw this ages ago...

    and... though I am all for unique videos... just... don't quite like it :(

  8. Perov : May 09, 2017, 22:29

    Why don't you start up a career? Create a few songs and I'm sure some one will spot you or you could could always go on American Idol or X factor depending on where you live. You're amazing! :D Better than the real version!