1. buy sale viagra : February 22, 2017, 00:17

    The song rocks.. but I think if you watch the video, it ruins the song totally. I saw this on MTV and dind't like it at all.. was quite disappointed. Then I downloaded it and HEARD it, I thought it was awesome. And it is.

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  3. Gogi : February 22, 2017, 00:17

    huh what, did u watch it all the way through!!! it was great!!! he created the background images the people and everything and made it animate pretty darn well. So what if its not your favorite choice of music, that was an awesome video, great job wichitarecordings, excellent job.

  4. Miri : February 22, 2017, 00:17

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  5. Raul : February 22, 2017, 00:17

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  6. Roberto : February 22, 2017, 00:17

    Amazing vid! The orca pwned that shark. You never see orcas attack humans. Rock on with yo bad self orca!!!

  7. Mike : February 22, 2017, 00:17

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  8. Spider : February 22, 2017, 00:17

    rox is so damn cute especially in this part 0:07. .