1. buy levitra now : November 22, 2016, 17:06

    You two are so amazing!Really Erin and Roxanne I love the way you sing and I can´t wait for you to make it big.

    Thank you so so much for Accepting my Video Response of me singing "Mad" by Ne-Yo.

    Make sure to stop by and to leave a nice comment !

    SupaDupe.. (Sammie) :)

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  3. Arteta : November 22, 2016, 17:06

    I hat this fucking song....okej is better than hip hop but this sucks! HAHA

  4. Perera : November 22, 2016, 17:06

    buy levitra now this doesnt proof anything this is shit and abot the guy who says doplhins can kill shark that`s shit dolphin can kill samll sharks like blue sharks but blue sharks can also kill dolphins there`s no chance of a doplhin killin a great white

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  5. Fabio : November 22, 2016, 17:06

    " O my God! there coing up the stairs!" aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh! o! looks like they saw that bed room. rofl

  6. Webmaster : November 22, 2016, 17:06

    I can understand people finding "some" of Family Guy funny, but damn, sometimes it's just a fuckin waste of time. South Park owns

  7. Liza : November 22, 2016, 17:06

    Oh nevermind what I just said, I sound like a dick. It's a cool song.

  8. Gibbs : November 22, 2016, 17:06