1. buy viagra now : September 30, 2016, 00:38

    fucking love this song...working on the whistle right now, so godamn catchy!

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    Awesome song.
    Why does all of Europe get this music but not us? It sucks. .

  3. Sonya : September 30, 2016, 00:38

    Good video, great song!

  4. Santana : September 30, 2016, 00:38

    buy viagra now lol

    so funny family huy

  5. Mokrov : September 30, 2016, 00:38

    buy viagra online discount killer whales are fucked

  6. Malcom : September 30, 2016, 00:38

    chuckbuster77 is totally right (way to go mate). Orcas are both resident and transient. And beautiful... rawr.

  7. Suren : September 30, 2016, 00:38

    how ive never seen this on tv?

  8. Malkolm : September 30, 2016, 00:38

    hmmm dont think so...